DT & Matzka

Thanks to DT I am youtubing the marvellous Matzka, GMA winner of best band. They are a four-member indigenous band from Taitung singing a wonderful fusion of reggae, rock, heavy metal & aboriginal music. The lead singer has the most amazing vocals & the song they sang during GMA already won an award in a rock festival in Taiwan. I am surprised the mv for this song was not nominated nor the singer nominated for best indigenous singer. David was also impressed with William 'Weibird' Wei who won the best artist award. Wei's fav idol is DT & apparently the first song he learned on the guitar was Regular Friend. When one of Wei's fans replied in his Weibo that Wei was disappointed not to meet him during GMA, DT promptly left a msg on Wei's Weibo to 'keep in touch'. Wei will also begin his military duty in Nov this year & has already been selected as the lead vocalist for the military band along with Sodagreen's guitarist A-Fu. They will be singing to promote anti-drug awareness. Good to know at least these guys are not terrified of losing their fans or newly-won fame while serving their country. As for juvenile fans, when DT announced the winner he clearly said "Jay .. Chou" not "J .. Chou" so any misunderstanding is just moot as far as I am concerned.

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