DT & the president

A really lovely pix of David at the GMA last nite. He was there to present the best male singer award which went to Jay Chou. Was wondering whether he was gonna be there as he was quite active in the pre-promotions from announcing the nominations to appearing in commercials. However he did not walk the red carpet nor did he perform. He did however had a brief moment with the president of Taiwan, Ma Ying-jeou: DT also announced in his Weibo that he will be a judge in the Taiwan's version of American Idol, Ten Million Star, in July. Not sure if it screens here but hope to catch it somehow as I will really like to see what he is like as a judge. It's really good to see him looking so suave and gentlemanly, and glad that he is doing his bit for the music industry in Taiwan.


Anonymous said...

Wohoo thanks for this. DT looks smashing, rawrrrr !

Zhao said...

Thx for comment, beachgurl :)