DT & The Mushrooms

David is apparently the first guest in Harlem Yu's new music program. I guess they are in such gaudy clothes cos they are playing 60s music, still their guitars are cool. Here's a vid of their press conference where DT was asked abt marriage again. Well, I am happy if he gets married but I am not really concerned. He is 40 plus & should be able to go out with single women whenever he wants. The Chinese press always tries to make a big deal abt it. It's not a SIN to date, people, with consenting women in their twenties. More exciting news is this where it was claimed the following:
Esoteric fact to show everyone you know what you’re talking about: Shanghai rap/rock quintet The Mushrooms (Tang Stage, May 8, 3:50 p.m.) remain active despite a recent break from live performances. They are currently in the studio under the helm of Taiwanese pop/rock sensation David Tao.
The Mushrooms (蘑菇团) was actually the winner of the band competition hosted by David in 2008 when he was spokesman for Iced Tea in China. Above you can see then holding aloft their winning cheque for Rmb10000 & here they performed with David on stage. More info on them here. They certainly have vry dedicated fans & even won the approval of a few expatriates in Shanghai. Quite amazing for an indie chinese band that has not even released an album yet. Earlier this year, it was rumored that they were signed up by DT. OK not sure abt this as I do believe his company only provide songwriting & studio production. However, I do hope it's true & that David will write songs for them or produce for them. They are really quite amazing live & their english covers are excellent. I think it will be a winning combination.

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