DT's April news parade

David visited the Flora Expo in Hualian, Taiwan, on 4/22 with his mother, lady in red behind him. He was casually dressed but with the coolest sunnies. When he was asked as usual abt marriage plans, he said that it's extremely possible this year but declined to reveal who's the bride. More pixs here & 2 vids here & here. He does look very good & as usual vry talkative ^__^ He said he will not be releasing album since he is still writing his movie script *sigh* but bit of good news, he claimed he is also writing new songs. On 4/19, he performed Marry me today with Lene Lai for a fashion show.


Anonymous said...

Thanks.Really missed DT's concert (my usual highlight of the year :-)

Zhao said...

Good to hear from you again beachgurl :)