A bone from DT

DT shared some thoughts abt a boy's behavior at a buffet in his Weibo & also recommended above hotel to stay at Pasadena, LA. He stayed for a few nites last mth. It looks like the kind of place he loves *sigh* Although it's nice that he posted but felt vry discouraged that he seems to be enjoying his life & not vry bothered abt his fans waiting for his works whether it's film or music. The fact that he could afford to stay at such an expensive hotel meant that he's not really bothered abt money & he is probably much too shrewd a businessman to be able to earn money numerous ways. Also amended his fee at the opening ceremony of Chinese Super League - it was more like Rmb60 000. Just wish he will hurry up with his movie or give us something, maybe direct a music video or short film or something, anything. Just throw us a bone, damn him! Apparently Don't go breaking my heart is doing well at the box office & has also revived the popularity of the 2 evergreen songs used in the movie by the two suitors, Louis Koo & Daniel Wu, to propose. One of cos is DT's I Love You & the other is I Do credited to Faye Wong even though she did not write the song but talented Taiwanese composer, Huang Kuo Lun. Faye is the original singer but she did not sing in the movie.


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Zhao said...

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