DT loves football

DT holding a football & looking cute despite the er ... jacket ^__^ This was on 4/2 during the opening ceremony of the Chinese Super League in Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center Stadium. In his Weibo, he said that he was thinking of throwing the ball into the audience but refrained cos he was afraid of hitting someone's head haha he's just too precious. That's the r&b chinese singer Han Hong next to him. They were singing one of the theme songs & apparently a lot of his fans were not satisfied with his performance saying that they couldn't even hear his voice, & felt that he shouldn't have accepted the gig. But I don't know, I think it's nice that he sang for the football league in China. It's better than just singing in one of those largescale concerts. Apparently he was paid Rmb60 000 which seemed pretty good money if it was true. Anyway I'm sure he had a great time. DT also mourned the passing of Taiwanese songwriter & producer, Chen Zhiyuan, who had worked with his dad. He also started a debate on what to post on his Weibo which I had linked under his Twitter for those who can read Chinese. It's always interesting to read his posts especially when he included pix of his breakfast *__* Interestingly DT's I Love You was chosen as one of the theme songs in the latest Johnnie To's romances titled Don't go breaking my heart. The song was used in most of the trailers & his fans in China argued that the singer was not David. I think they actually used one of his demos cos the song sounded unfinished especially the chorus. Here's one trailer on youtube and here's his earliest KTV version for comparision. Apparently the use of the song was very meaningful in the movie & knowing Johnnie To, it would be, as he really knows how to use music in his movies. Another interesting thing is that instead of being filmed with a view to Hollywood, this is one of the increasing HK movies that was filmed to woo the mainland Chinese audience with both Chinese movies Aftershock & Let the Bullets Fly racking up more than US100 million. David's I Love You was mentioned in many of the film reviews which confirmed Johnnie To's unerring sense of using music. Instead of using old English songs as most HK movies are wont to do, Johnnie chose a Chinese love song that's not too old & not too new to resound with his Chinese audience. So proud that he used David's song in his movie.

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