Musician of the year

Congratulations to DT for winning Esquire's Men of the year award for Musician of the year in Beijing, China. I really like the b/w ensemble he is wearing with the nerdy glasses. He looked pretty good although a bit on the thin side. However I wonder why DT did in 2010 for him to win this award. He didn't come out with an album, hold any concert or write a song or even help other singers in their albums. All he did was strum and sing backup for a famous badminton player, roused a 60,000 strong crowd to sing karaoke to I Love You, attended a few fan meetings and sang in a few large-scale concerts all over China. I suppose the fact that he is still visible and in demand despite not coming out with any new music would make him a certifiable evergreen in chinese popmusic. Even now he could easily draw an audience coming from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, USA and maybe even some from Europe. His music is still accessible to young and old, man and woman, east and west. I think that an achievement enough and heck who cares, we accept the award for you anyday, David *__*
Anyway here are some after the event interview clips to enjoy:
Get the feeling that he would rather win the award for director of the year heheheheheheh Here he is looking suave with Meng Qian, a beautiful Chinese actress who is supposedly the goddaughter of Chow Yun Fat. Here's the rest of the Esquire award winners and DT's pre-award interview where he quoted "It’s not the clothes that make the man. It’s the man that makes the clothes." - so DT. In November, DT had also been to Yiwe, Zhejiang, for a fan meeting as well as held a mini-concert sponsored by M-Zone. Loving the banner, it looked kinda huge. I think maybe the management at Gold Typhoon is kicking themselves for not doing more to keep DT in their stable of stars. He certainly is more visible and has a lot more activities than the singers they are managing. So really it's not that incredible that he won an award for Musician of the year. You go, DT!

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