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DT in town for the Countdown party in Marina Bay. 2 online stories abt him:
Dec 30, 2010
David Tao's a Singapore homeowner
By Cheong Poh Kwan
TAIWAN'S newly-crowned Golden Melody King, David Tao is a homeowner in Singapore, and he plans to park more of his money in Singapore properties.
The only thing that has been stopping him from doing so, is the sky-high property prices here in recent years.
The Mandopop heavyweight, who is slated to perform a one-hour gig at the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown Party on Friday, said he is a cautious investor as he has learnt his lesson the hard way.
The 41-year-old revealed that he lost US$150,000 (S$194,000) overnight in the stock market 15 years ago, two years before he released his self-titled debut album in 1997. The established singer-songwriter will devote all his energy next year to make his first film, although he has yet to finalise the title of his directorial debut.
Then what about his alleged wedding plans in January? Has he really proposed to his latest rumoured belle Jian Bao Shan, a Taiwanese model who is 16 years his junior?
Catch David Tao's response on RazorTV.
(Reposted with thanks from Strait Times online)
There are 3 vids to enjoy on RazorTV & it's so nice to watch him chatting away in english for so long. His face looked a bit puffed, maybe jet lag. The ruffled shirt appeared again but it looked a bit better this time ^__^ Pixs here reposted with thanks from xinmsn as well as story below:
David Tao quashes wedding rumours
Text and Photos: Joyce J. Chansingh
Video: Tay Yixuan

The 40-year-old bachelor, with a reputation for being quite the ladies man, slams Taiwan media and puts to rest the whirlwind of rumours about his impending nuptials to so-called girlfriend
"Do you think the media will ever write anything nice about you?" Taiwan singer-songwriter David Tao responded in all seriousness, "especially the media in Taiwan and Hong Kong."
In light of the recent rumours (reported by Taiwan media) that David will tie the knot in January with model Jian Bao Shan, who is 16 years his junior, the musician - known for his string of rumoured girlfriends - was quizzed on what the impact of the scandalous reports will have on his budding filmmaking career.
"They will never write anything positive about you. The media [in Taiwan and Hong Kong] basically just want to build you up and kill you," David deadpanned.
"So, I don't expect anything good to come out of them. There are only two words to describe my feelings for them - give up."
And so it turned out, the rumoured wife-to-be was merely "a friend" and the whole ball of yarn was nothing but media babbling without facts. According to David, the pair are not even dating, "I didn't even know that I'm getting married in January. You know, the Taiwan media just love to blow up things."
Looking dapper in a long-sleeved white collared shirt with black horizontal stripes tucked into stonewashed and fashionably tattered jeans, David Tao was in town to perform in an exclusive New Year concert showcase for Channel 5's countdown party Celebrate 2011 to be held at The Float @ Marina Bay.
"Don't stand too close to me when you come to Celebrate 2011 if you don't want the media to spin stories about us dating!" David said between laughter.
Speaking at a press conference yesterday, the 40-year-old looked a tad tired but was ever obliging to questions from the media.
Since the end of 2009, David has been talking about suspending his singing career and shifting his focus into making movies. And now it seems like his budding filmmaking career would finally come to fruition in 2011 - where the production of his directorial debut would be his focal point.
Referring to it as his "unborn baby and the only relationship he will be having in 2011", there will be "no personal life for me in 2011".
"It's always been my dream to make a movie. Planning has started this year so hopefully production can kick off in 2011," David shared, "but casting myself as the lead is not going to happen, probably just a minor role. Mainly, I want to keep to being the director and scriptwriter."
The genre of David's directorial debut has yet to be established but it will be either "a farce comedy or mind-puzzling thriller".
Watch video here!
Count down to the New Year with Celebrate 2011 at The Float @ Marina Bay, tickets from SISTIC or watch Celebrate 2011 'LIVE' on 31 Dec, 11pm on Channel 5.

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