DT still single

David looking really nice during 12/25 performance in Nanjing (not Shenzhen). He sang 3 songs - Wan Bu Liao, Susan says & Smalltown Girl. He also rebuked the rumor abt his marriage next year when interviewed onstage, saying he is still single. Some fans wondered why he didn't come out immediately to answer to the media but what's the point? The media is always looking to write these kinda stories anyway & those who want some cheap kind of exposure would try to make use of him. The best way is just to ignore them in case he himself is accused of trying to get some cheap media exposure. It's scary that he was only in Taipei for a few days & already the media could build up a whole story of courtship, proposal, 2-carat diamond ring & marriage.


SellryLeo薇薇 said...

不管david tao有没有结婚...永远支持他!

Zhao said...

Hi SellryLeo, thanks for yr comment :)

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