Unstoppable DT!

DT had been busy this weekend. He first sang in Chengdu on Fri, 12/10, then flew to Beijing the vry next day to participate in a charity concert with mostly HK stars like Nicholas Tse, Aaron Kwok & Leon Lau. Here you can watch them promote the concert. Also finally managed to solve the mystery of the hot pink thingy that had appeared on stage with him in a few of his concerts pixs. It's the logo of China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting (CMMB) which sponsored a few of his largescale concerts. I presumed his songs are probably available for download on their mobile network. It's a smart move on his part to collaborate with mobile companies in China since he doesn't plan to come up with a new album for quite a while. I managed to find a transcript of his sina page which he has been using instead of Twitter since he couldn't logon when in China where he stated vry specifically that he 'will not have a new album soon, busy filming!' *sigh* at least give us some new music, David, maybe release a single or two. Unfortunately this is the only page I managed to find as I think registering is essential before reading the rest of his comments but I really cannot understand how to register due to my bad chinese, vry sry. Anyhow, there is still enough interesting comments there. First the reason I found this page was that a lot of Taiwanese news online mentioned that DT had commented on Lien Sheng-wen, the son of Lien Chan, honorary chairman of Kuomintang party in Taipei, who was shot in the face recently but luckily survived. Basically all he said was to pray for him and his family and to condemn violence. It's extremely disturbing that a lot of news reporters are following his comments regularly & hopefully DT is aware of these newshound. Still it's wonderful that he is always aware of what is happening not only internationally but locally, & that he is even bothered to ask ppl to pray for the poor guy. Such a great man, don't you think? Then he recommended a movie he seen recently, Unstoppable, which is directed by Tony Scott, brother of Riley Scott, and starred the marvellous Denzel Washington. He said he liked the script and even though he didn't mention it, I think he must like the OST too cos it's vry much an integral part of the movie.

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