DT in Taipei

David was in Taipei yesterday to participate in a school event called 'Love Together' He will stay in Taiwan for a couple of days before heading back to China where he has more activities mainly largescale concerts. Ok not gonna comment on his attire but he seemed to like that ruffled shirt. Do men still wear ruffles? Remind me of Seinfeld's pirate shirt heheheheheheheh Holding his Esquire's Musician of the year award which is quite nice. Here's a fanmade mv for DT's Butterfly which is really gorgeous:

This song really calls to my soul. Feel so refreshed listening to it. Another youtube vid to enjoy is these two extremely popular Korean idols, Park Shin Hye & Jang Geun Suk, singing Marry Me Today when they held a concert in Taipei in October. Vry smart I think to pick this popular duet to learn to sing so most of their fans could sing along.

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