DT rock 2011

Unfortunately live telecast on New Year's Eve only showed part 2 of DT's performance at Marina Bay. Fortunately theurbanwire.com captured unedited the whole of his performance:

There are 7 parts which should flow from one to the other but if it doesn't work for you watch on youtube. What a performance! For me it was toprated one of his best live performances. Probably cos it was so pared-down, no flamboyant costumes, no dancing girls, no backup singers. Just David & his band so he carried the concert all by himself, pure DT unadulterated & that's the way it should be for one of the best male vocalists the East has ever seen. I really think the audience got more than what they paid for causing theurbanwire to write empirically '...he commanded the stage for over an hour with his dance medleys, love songs and “RE:DT (关于陶喆)” [Part 3 video] specially dedicated to local fans. The superstar performed a total of 2 times for the pre-show and live broadcast of Celebrate 2011 at 11pm on Channel 5 – not bad at all for a $38 ticket."
(Quote, vid & pix above courtesy & much thanks to theurbanwire.com) Songlist: Zero to Hero, My Anata, RE:DT, Close to you, Smalltown Girl (rock version), I Love You, Love Can, Play that funky music, September, I feel good. My fav are his amazing rendition of RE:DT where he threw in his recent rumor of 'getting married next year' & getting drunk in Clarke Quay, the fabulous rock version of Smalltown Girl & the simply soulful yet passionate I Love You. But the whole show is just marvellous, once again he managed to bridge the concept of a western concert with singing mainly chinese songs. The way he went from the high of an extremely funky RE:DT to the nightcluby crooning of Close to you then back up again with the superb rock version of Smalltown Girl. Totally awesome. Also I love watching the total passion, devotion & respect he put into his music. The loving way he played his guitar & treated it as an instrument to showcase his music not to show off. The chemistry & harmony he developed with his band members onstage. It was such a joy & made me realised why I never gave up this blog, why I continued to blog abt him. Hopefully he is able to bring this kind of passion, devotion and respect to his movies too. Found this blogger who went backstage & saw DT. The story abt the cheese tarts is just hilarious. She also took a pix with drummer Brendon Buckley who did indeed recorded & toured with Shakira as mentioned on his website. Click on Tour & you can see 'David Tao New Year's Show, Singapore' scheduled on 12/31/2010. Bit of trivia: I think the guitar DT was playing that night is the same Gibson Les Paul Cherry Sunburst made famous by the character Yui in the hugely popular Japanese anime K-ON *__*

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