From Hero to Zero

DT showed up in a few venues in Hangzhou. On 1/15, he was at The Second Shiny Artists Ceremony (sic). I have no idea what ceremony that was & whether he won an award but I think he was just presenting. Really like his casual striped-scarf look & although the lady besides him looked familiar, unable to identify her. David sang Rain & I think he is one of the few singers who actually bothered to thank the dancers. (Above 3 pixs courtesy & much thanks to Bonnie @ 百度陶喆吧) On 1/17 he performed in another of the ubiquitous largescale concerts. He seems to have 2 different looks - casual smart or casual sporty - for these concerts. Here he appeared in a popular TV program on Chinese entertainment. So already he is quite the busy bee in the beginning of 2011. I hope he get his movie over & done with this yr so we get to hear some new music from him *sigh* Sry if I am not feeling optimistic abt his movie. But if he is still uncertain what kind of movie he wants to make - 'either a farce comedy or mind-puzzling thriller' - then why is he so insistent on filming one? If movie is his 'lifelong dream' he should have a script up his sleeve already not looking around for a script to film.
Well, the Green Hornet opened & unfortunately for Jay Chou who could have blew Hollywood away if not for his striking resemblence to John Cho. Anyway I have no desire to watch the movie since I don't enjoy Rogen humor but after reading the sypnosis, maybe I understand why Stephen Chow walked away. There are a few things abt Stephen Chow that I think a lot of people, especially westerners, don't realised. He speaks and understands english much better than a lot of Chinese stars like Jackie Chan or Zhang Ziyi. He is an extremely rich man not just from making movies but real estate. Stephen Chow doesn't really have any ambition to make it big in Hollywood cos if he did, he is probably one of the few who could. He is a highly intelligent filmmaker who made rather clever, relevant movies that were also crowdpleasers. When I read that the theme in Green Hornet was to hero-reverse the roles so that Kato was not only the muscle but the brain behind Green Hornet, I suspect that all along it was his idea. In an interview, Seth Rogen said that he wanted Kato to implant a microchip in Green Hornet so he could remote-control him to act like a hero. I thought it was hilarious & so tongue-in-cheek cos it was always Kato who stood up in Green Hornet & the reason being it was played by none other than the legendary Bruce Lee. But at that time, Hollywood shunned any idea of an Asian hero rejecting him for the lead in the TV series Kung Fu during the seventies. Perhaps Stephen Chow wanted The Green Hornet as a homage to Bruce Lee, reversing the roles so that the real star was Kato but since an Asian hero was still not acceptable, he get to control Green Hornet as the hero. Brilliant but still not quite acceptable in Hollywood I guess, Stephen.


Anonymous said...

glad I'm not the only one not enthusiastic about his movie. I wish he'd make a Comedy.. he got great sense of humor. no Rom-com tho!

the only thing I kinda loath about Stephen Chow is the way he treat woman character in his movie..most don't have much personality, kinda 'Sexist' in a way most comedy tend to be toward woman.


Anonymous said...

I think the woman starred in his music video ?