DT & The Haygoods

Who or what are The Haygoods? And why am I blogging abt them here? Well, they are a performing family of 7 brothers and 1 sister who own and operate their own theatre in Branson, Missouri. They are currently on an extended tour to 14 chinese cities & you can read all abt it @ Global Times where this paragraph caught my attention:
During the show, which will last an hour and a half non-stop, they will present some songs from their soon-to-be released new album including Country Boy, Rocking in the Sun and Run Like Hell. They will also perform hits from Michael Jackson and The Beatles, a Chinese love song by David Tao and the Beijing Olympics theme song along with many others.
It's not I Love You which I am glad but Only want to be your friend which is the title they are using. Okay the Beijing Olympics theme song do have an english version but I am curious if they are singing David's song in chinese or putting their own english lyrics to the music. Also how or why did they chose this song? I can only imagine they kinda ask around to find out what chinese singer or song would appeal to an audience in the Middle Kingdom & randomly chose the song from a list. Or maybe they are acquaintances of DT & so decided to sing his song. It's getting curiousier & curiousier. Make me wish that he was still active on Twitter so I could ask him ^__^ Anyway you can go to their youtube channel to watch their performances. Hopefully they will upload their performance of DT's Regular Friend in China.


Anonymous said...

my guess, They probably watch that black guy rendition on YT, I remember years ago.. it was a very catchy song & I thought it was one of his best work in term of lyric/melody.

now I wanna listen/watch it again!


Timothy Brittain Haygood said...

Hi there,
I googled ourselves and found this blog. Please email me at timhaygood@yahoo.com and I will explain why we chose the David Tao song!
Timothy Haygood

Zhao said...

Hi Mr Haygood, thanks for yr comment. I have emailed you already & anxiously await yr response. Hey hey Zoe, how are you doing? Yeah, I think it was one of his best works too.