DT in Hangzhou

David singing Rain in Hangzhou on 11/27 among girls dancing with umbrellas. Quite strange b/w pix, almost like he was performing in a musical - Singing in the rain ^__^ Anyway he sang 4 songs - Rain, Who do you love?, Susan says & I Love You. Here's vid for Susan says & I Love you which gotta see. It was just fabulous when he stepped into the crane-cage thing which slowly rose above the heads of the audience. You could heard gasps & he really did well to stay in tune while the thing was moving. It was so cute to see him encouraging the audience to singalong & then running wildly around the stage like it was the ending to his personal concert rather than the 2nd act in a largescale concert. In fact I think it must have been a highlight of the concert as some articles headlined '60,000 people sang along to I Love You'. The vid for Who do you love? also showcased his mighty vocals, he sang much louder than the backing track. However as usual with DT, he messed up quite a lot of the lyrics *sigh* He did say the only song that he usually didn't mess up is I Love You. One interesting thing abt this concert was that initially some spectacular gimmicks were planned for the opening of the singers but later the organisers held a press conference to say that they had decided to tone it down due to concerns abt the singers' safety. This probably cos of the unfortunate accident involving Selina Jen of SHE and Chinese actor, Yu Haoming. They were badly burned when a series of planned explosions went horribly wrong during the filming of the TV drama “I Have a Date with Spring". Much sympathies to both of them who are recovering but it must still be extremely painful. I feel so bad for delicate Selina. She is such a lovely girl who had a small crush on DT a few years back. Luckily she has a very supportive family as well as a loving fiance. Hopefully DT will remember to send her flowers and that guidelines will be set from now on for filming of dangerous scenes in China.


Anonymous said...

This is so funny coz I've been watching 'Singing in the Rain' recently! it was so GREAT! all those dance numbers & silly story & cheesy love story, which makes me giggle non-stop was so Wonderful! I so Love 'Make 'em Laugh' Donald O'Connor is definitely my fav, he's hilarious!


Zhao said...

Really, Zoe. I have never watch Singing in the rain, must try to sometime. glad you enjoyed it.