DT rocking the Asian Games!

David was at the Asian Games 2010 Opening Ceremony on 11/12 in Guangzhou, China. He performed one of the theme songs, Sunshine Again, with Wei Wei and Tan Jing from China, Joey Yung from Hong Kong and Kim Hyun Joong from Korea. Unfortunately he didn't write the song which would have made it more amazing for me. However he did look wonderful & his voice was as ever melting. Watch @ youtube:

Just so great to watch & listen to him sing. His hair is longer which I like vry much. Also belated congratulations to him for winning Best male singer (Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan) at the 10th CCTV-MTV Music Awards held in Beijing last month. Below, he kinda strutted the red carpet ^__^
He hasn't been updating Twitter as he couldn't access it from China where he is at the moment. He gave as an alternative a chinese blogsite in Sina but unfortunately you have to register. Still I am glad he is keeping busy and hope to hear news abt his movie soon.


Anonymous said...

thank god he didn't wrote that song!! coz it sound hideously BORING! almost scream outloud when watching the opening ceremony & saw DT there.. wasn't impress with the performance & felt like he sell out or something. sigh


Zhao said...

Yeah Zoe, unfortunately most songs in big chinese events are like these. I don't think he is selling out. It's actually quite an honor for him to be asked to sing on such an important occasion.

Anonymous said...

I know it was such an honor to share the big stage with other artists on such big event.. but he didn't even show case his talent.. almost like he have to reign (sp?) himself in to be in harmony with other singers. the music didn't help much either.. so dull & uninspiring

sulk into DT old music :(