DT & Hairspray

Liking my new layout very much indeed. Was gonna put a background but decided just to leave it B/W - nice & simple. So while waiting for David's movie *sigh* I thought maybe I'll enliven the blog with some movie news. Starting with the movie most anticipated in Jan 2011:
Wong Kar Wai's The Grandmasters. Just posters & no trailer yet but it certainly has generated a lot of buzz. Tony Leung is of cos Ip Man so the question is will Bruce Lee put in an appearance and if yes, who plays him? I think it gonna be Cung Le, a well-known martial arts world champion who has appeared in both English & Chinese movies. He does has some physical resemblance to Bruce Lee and he is obviously the real thing as far as martial arts is concerned. The movie will also apparently be the real thing as far as kungfu fighting is concerned and there will be NO 3D yah!
In other DT news, he will performing in a largescale concert in Hangzhou on 11/27. Alrite both DT & Jay has similar hairstyle but I like DT's better cos it kinda natural & floppy but Jay's looked like serious hairspray OD heheheheh


Anonymous said...

I wish DT would make a short movie instead. so it won't be too expensive/time consuming.. maybe he should have try directing MV IMO

at this rate, wonder if his 1st feature will come out in 2012.


Zhao said...

Hi Zoe, how r you? Yeah, it could be a while I think.