New release date - 8/21

Typhoon has brought forward the release date of 69乐章 to 8/21 cos the entire album tracklist had been made available for streaming as well as downloading on many, many websites including youtube & one of his fansites in China since 8/15. David was of cos vry unhappy abt the situation saying it was vry harmful & disrespectful but not much he can do abt it. When interviewed in HK after participating in the Artistes 88 Fundraising Campaign, he praised his fans for informing him abt this first in Twitter. Many news reports also quoted his tweet abt delaying the album release, making him one of the first Chinese artistes to have tweets quoted in the news ^__^ Anyway although it is unfortunate but I think it would still have happened even if the album has been released on 8/15. Definitely it will affect the sales of the album but let stay optimistic till 8/21. Here he is a bit morose but still wonderfully soulful singing Love Can in HK.

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Anonymous said...

this sucks..although i waz a little sad wen his album got postponed..since ive waited like over 3 years for this album..i waz still happy it waz coming out regardless..but to have it leak about 2 weeks b4 the release date is jsut horrible

i'll jusr patiently wait for copy to arrive in the mail..for dt's music..i demand high quality listening!