13 day to Opus 69

As always with David, we get a music lesson. He used glam rock to describe his first single Zero to Hero. So what is glam rock? It was popular in UK during the 70s. The best eg is probably David Bowie then T Rex & *shudder* Gary Glitter. Glam rock is characterised by a strong science fiction & androgynous theme. Which could be why he used the term 'yin yang ren' meaning hermaphrodite in chinese. Of cos Zero to Hero is pretty toned down glam rock but once again he is able to fuse a western musical style with asian elements seamlessly. I also love the quixoteness of the song telling the story of a salaryman bogged down by the drudge of daily work having fantasies of being a hero with a phoenix plane. But the song also carries msg of environmental & antiwar issues. His play on the fish used for sushi could be reminding us that sushi maybe a trendy food but it is also causing the depletion of seafood such as blue-fin tuna & octupus. Likewise his play on the words 'egg' & 'bomb'. Overall there is the simple theme found in most anime of good overcoming evil but first it has to start with the individual turning from zero to hero. Each of us must make a stand for the environment & be strong abt antiwar. Come to think of it, Zero to Hero is almost like MJ's Man in the mirror.

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