DT @ TPE fundraising

Today would have been DT album release but all his fans appreciated his gesture. He participated in a TV fundraising event in Taipei last night. It was cute watching as before it was his turn, could already see him in the background wiping perspiration from his face & neck *swoon* He was lovely. He was gonna perform a special guitar rendition of I Love You but there was something wrong with the sound equipment & DT the perfectionist suddenly emerged ^__^ He was quietly angry & kept explaining patiently that he couldn't perform without the background music. I think they expected him to just strum the guitar and sing like in a talent show. I just love love love this side of David although some could said he was a bit much since it was a charity program. But then this is David the professional, he would not perform unless conditions were right. Anyway he went & manned the phones for a while. They fixed the sound problem & he came back front to perform and what a performance! His guitar skills have improved enormously & he played with such fervour. He reminded me of Eric Clapton who is the only guitarist who could move me. As always he managed to blend a western sounding guitar sound with a chinese sounding song. Dear DT, you are such a wonder *_* Already on youtube:

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Anonymous said...

OMG he should really do an acoustic album like Right about NOW!!! that was f**king AWESOME!!! I need MORE! it reminds me of John Meyer's 'Human Nature' at MJ memorial.

& I need the 69 album ASAP..it's been terribly lonely musicwise...