4 days to Opus 69

Apparently the Macau concert was a blast *__* He sang Zero to Hero & MJ medley. Much was made of the fact that he only wore one outfit *scratch head* He's a singer not a model. Anyway here's the songlist:
1 Runaway
2 Wan Bu Liao
3 Close to you
4 Let's fall in love
5 Shanghaied
6 Susan says
7 Who do you love
8 Moon represents whose heart
9 Airport in 10:30
10 Zero to hero
11 Smalltown girl
12 Black Tangerine
13 Regular Friends
14 Marry me today
15 Too Beautiful
16 -MJ Medley-
Man in the mirror
Rock with you
Human Nature
You are not alone
Billie Jean
I'll be there
17 I love you
18 Rain
19 Love can
Wow that's a lot of songs & still ppl complained that it was too short. I watch some clips & his voice is just pure melt-you-honey yet full of vigor. His live performance just keeps getting better & I hate to say this but sometimes I rather he sings solo throughout. In his concert, I only want to hear his voice & I can't have enough so I rather he take a break, have some water than continue singing. He did a marvellous slow version of Billie Jean that just blew me away. When interviewed, he said that he will be doing more concerts so hopefully he will still do the MJ medley.
Heard his second single, Adoration, which is also the theme song for his hr-long movie. It's apparently the most expensive produced song in the album as David did 3 different versions in order to capture all the different moods in the movie. I cannot honestly say I like the song nor the way he sang in it. It's catchy in a cutesy kinda way which I dislike & the lyrics is way too corny. And yet it captured the essence of chinese romance as depicted in our movies, songs & idol series. The song has a pseudo-western feel which can get annoyingly cloying & yet there something abt it that is just so right. I don't know, it's just a crazy song which can either be a hit or not. Apparently the production of this song caused a lot of his staff to fall sick & David felt sorry abt it but he still want to encourage them to work harder. So he thought of getting a black tee with white lettering 'SLEEP is for beginners' send over from US so that he can wear it & discourage them from sleeping in front of him. Is this a man a slavedriver or what? & why is he so obsessed with sleep all of a sudden?

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