DT's album delay to 8/28

David decided to postpone the release of his new album for 2 weeks. He was so upset by the devastation caused by Typhoon Morakot that he felt he could not talk abt his new album at this time. A news event to launch his hr-long movie was also cancelled. He felt that we should all concentrate on helping those in need for the time being. Here's a link for donation specifically Taiwan. Although delaying album release is indeed a very small thing but at least it's in the spirit of his song, Zero to Hero, where one person do all that he can to help. Combined that one hundred, even one thousand, so by his little gesture, a lot of his fans are encouraged to help & that is a very good thing indeed. Dear DT, we really appreciate your attempts to right the world's wrongs by your words & your deeds. You are using the talents God gave to you to help others & I'm glad that this is the path you have chosen in your journey in music.

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