6 days to Opus 69

Hope DT & his audience had a great time in Macau. There will be a preview of his 2nd single 暗恋 on 8/10 & 8/11. A version of Your song has been leaked & it's really ear magic. It sounds wonderfully acoustic & yet not really demo version. I am quite happy to get the same version on the album or the studio version although I doubt he will try to change it much if it's a demo version. It gave me the same intimate feeling as his first album. You can almost imagine him in the studio, singing into the mike with eyes closed. It's a studio sound that cannot be achieved digitally and it sounded like it was done in one take. The vocal is a bit uneven but his control is near perfect. This is what singing should be all abt where you get carried away by the voice & afterwards part of the melody & some lyrics linger in your mind but the next day, you cannot recollect the song except that it touches some deep part of your heart. Then much, much, much later when you have a quiet moment, you listen to the song again. Good music should be slowly savoured & not put on repeat.
The lyrics written by WaWa is simple yet heartrending. One can say this is a typical DT love ballad but the lyrics show a difference. In the past, he always refused to back away from failure in love, gets depressed & even revengeful. He sought for perfection in love and would settled for nothing less. Now he has learnt to let go. The lyrics went from hopeful to resigned to inevitable. It's a small & subtle change but I like it. I feel now his music & WaWa's excellent lyrics are more in tune. Dear DT, thanks once again for making me feel the music again.
Anyway congratulations to Jay Chou who is taking the road well traveled by other Asian stars eager for international fame by taking on a role in a Hollywood movie. I really hope he do well *so he will stop plaguing our Dave heehee" Actually I'm really glad that Stephen Chow turned down playing Kato, the iconic role made famous by Bruce Lee. Stephen Chow is Stephen Chow & Bruce Lee is Bruce Lee. I don't want to see Stephen try to take on Bruce. Both of them are unique in their inimitable way & should stay that way. So you see sometimes letting go & taking the road less traveled can be more satisfying & even rewarding. Another lesson by DT ^__^

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