Bilingual DT

David was in Shanghai yesterday and should be in Beijing today for the Apple Store promo. This cooperation & his hints that he is putting up music sample online could mean that he is thinking of going digital for his music in the future. Which is not a bad thing but hopefully he will still be putting out an album for physical sales cos I am one of those that prefer to have his album in my hand so I can read all his dedications and lyrics. Some good news, some bad. Good first. His evergreen song, I Love You, is included in a compilation album called Strawberry Love:
Strawberry Love features 34 international ballads on two CDs. Among the mellow hits included on the compilation are Whitney Houston's Greatest Love Of All; I Love You, a cover of David Tao's same-titled song performed by Joanna Wang (copy credit Yesasia)
The song has gone full circle from the initial english demo to chinese release & then to english release. Both releases are just as popular. This is kinda like Latin American singers in US releasing 2 version of their songs in english & spanish. In fact some chinese singer/songwriters are already releasing a few of their songs in both english & chinese like JJ Lin, Khalid Fong and Joanna Wang herself. DT has once again unwittingly started a trend it seems *__*
Now the bad, well not really bad. Here's some kind of explanation on the reason why there was a rumor not long ago that David was being banned cos his song Different was deemed to be a 'reactionary song'. Must scroll right to the end for the DT reference but the whole translated article is an interesting read. If you can read chinese, there is a link at the bottom to the original chinese version. There might well be some truth to it but I have a feeling that it is not as alarming as it sounds I hope. Anyway that it has to happen to David is kinda inevitable. He is the kind of musician who makes music according to his moods, feelings & the current environment he was in. This kind of music sometimes can create ripples like the butterfly effect & I hope he will go on producing it irregardless of the results.

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