DT & Shawn

Happy Year of the Ox/Bull/Cow/牛 ^__^ Didn't think I would use a traditional chinese pix, did you? This is vintage Picasso print, so respect plse *__* Although his country sportscitizens could use a bit of respect during their recent escapade to Beijing, rite? The internet can be a hallowed place hah!
Anyway I am in a very good mood after reading David's msg although admittedly I teared a few times cos he hasn't forgotten us fans. Thank you to angie & Godfrey who posted comments under the false album release post. Not forgetting anon who is a mom of die-hard DT fan *hugz* Yes, I do believe in DT and I have faith in him. Sry if I have been MIA. Just that not much news abt him & dun wanna post unnecessary stuff. Be patient cos it looks like we dun have to wait too long for the album to be released & if as promised he put up some demo vids online, it will be pure heaven.
Now, CNY present from me haha cos dun have time to do a DT calendar but on the To Do list promise. Anyway here's youtube vid of Shawn Pelton, the drummer he mentioned in his msg. He sounded incredible and I can't hardly wait for the track they worked on. Even the working title 'Just Can't Believe' sounds unbelievably cool to me *fangirl sigh*


DT Indo said...

I think Shawn "matchi" David style..fully rock and roll style.
Let the new album rock, David !!!!!

angie said...

DT never compromise when his music is concerned. His discerning fans will not compromise either.

Yeah, I have much much much faith in DT, and his music!!!

Zhao said...

Thank you both for yr comments.

Godfrey said...

I didn't realize that you were Zhao until I saw my name in this post, which startled me, =O Hehe, well now i'm glad it doesn't seem so disconnected from the blog writer =)

I only have two of David Tao's CD's but I am still very interested in David Tao news, I think you're doing a good job so keep up the good work and thanks!

I think it's cool how he works with American artists as well, and although he is a chinese artist he also writes in English (is he ABC?)
it's easier for me to relate to him that way.

Anyway, could I ask you for a HUGE favor? Can you make like a Upcoming/recent/and past discography kinda thing? I am always very confused on his CD news and his discography, I don't think the link to the website does a very good job, and his website discography seems to not mention any of the CD news you mention.


Zhao said...

Hi Godfrey, David is American Chinese but not born in US, he went there when he was quite young. Will see what I can do re discography. I did started but lack time at the moment. Sry abt that :(