Studious DT

All credit & much thanks to DTFC for above pix of DT during his CNEX talk. Vry adorably studious ^__^ No news yet abt his album release or whether he is gonna stay with Gold Typhoon. Meanwhile his record company is facing yet another accusation of 'chart buying' this time for Show Luo. Sony even held a press conference to publicly state that they will not falsify their sale nos. Typhoon retaliated by inviting Sony singer to come & sell albums during their singer's concert to see who can sell more. Kinda childish if u ask me. So far nobody has produced an album worth fighting over. Can anyone come out with an album this yr to revive the Chinese music industry like Cape No 7 did to Chinese movies last yr?

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justjesss said...

as usual...HOTTT !!! *roar*