Not good news

Some unconfirmed news abt DT album @ DTFC forum & seriously hoping its not true. Anyway seems the album is called 太愛妳 (Love you too much) to go with his 2 previous albums which also had 太 in the title *roll eyes* How banal. The pre-order is on 1/31 & the first single to be broadcast on 2/2 is called 愛情不浪漫 (Love is not romantic) *yuck* The album will go on sale on 2/14 & chocolates will be given as free gift since its Valentine Day. Oh man this is terrible, already I am hating it, so swarmy. Overdosing on the lurve lurve lurve overdrive. I am so tired of hearing the word 'love' in almost every single chinese ballad. I am tired of chinese love ballad period. I WANT A ROCK ALBUM DAMMIT DAVID! Anyway *calming down* as I said its unconfirmed although too much details for it not to be true though *sigh* Sorry but I will not be preordering if its true.


Anonymous said...

i think you should relax and wait for it. It might not be what you expect given the name lol.

DT Indo said...

In my own interpretation, David loves music very much, that he couldn't really leave the process of making music, and jump into film industry just like that.
That probably why he named the album 'Tai Ai Ni', (you = music).
he he.. just a thought..

Zhao said...

Hey thanks DT Indo & anon for yr comments. But anyway yeah let's wait for the album to be released!

angie said...

i believe in DT's music!!!
i believe.
i fiercely believe!!

Godfrey said...

Omg... I seriously agree with u..

Anonymous said...

My son is a die-hard fan of DT, & we've just been talking about the long wait of his album has yet to come....& we have faith in him that it is worth waiting for!