New DT frontiers

Some sweet pixs of DT with Ah Ya. Can watch the vid here - first 3 mins. He started the NY show in Nanjing singing Rain, Smalltown Girl & finishing with I Love You. Voice a bit shaky but still smooth & alluring as chocolate. Here's the Sina vid of his performance. He seemed happy & lighthearted but it was reported earlier that he still can't get over Lucky's passing. Seems to me that he derived a lot of support & comforting from Lucky so it will be hard & he probably will never get over it. Hope 2009 will be the year where he can reach new frontiers with both his music & film.


Anonymous said...

I always love his sincere laughs and smiles!

Great start for the brighter and happier year 2009.

Cheers to DT and all Fans,


Anonymous said...

Loving the outfits. Looking good man, looking good.

Suk Yee

anne said...

Happy New Year to all!

Looks like DT is in good shape and is in good state!

When is the new album be out? I'm thirsting for it.

jy jy jy!!!