DT & Mac

(Pixs & vids much thanks & credit to DTFC) Serious DT during the Apple demonstration. He looked so adorably professional ^__^ 2 clips here & here, to be honest I have no idea what he was saying. Partly the echoing mike & partly his american accent. It's funny he sounds more ABC when he goes back to LA for a while & then when he's back here, he starts to sound more chinese. Oh dear miss him so much. Wonder if we will get to see him more once his album is released or he will continue to be low-profile? Well, it Feb09 & still no news of album release but at least we do know that he is working hard on it & that's all that matters at the moment.


Godfrey said...
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Michelle said...

ohhh my god! Thanks for posting new clip! I miss him so much too! well I dun think he is so low-profile now.. however he is still very slow-process in his album!!! it has been like 3 years?! but well we are all still waiting and waiting right?! hehe

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the uploader.

When he works, he is very serious. Love to see this though!

I am right here waiting for his new album. DT, take your time!

DT Indo said...

Like David said in his diary, making music is like having relationship with a girl, you can't rush it until you get the right feeling.

Godfrey said...

haha that's pretty cool