DT in the air

Here's such a sweet pix taken by stewardesses on board the flight from LA to Taipei. I love that he was wearing his No Paparazzi cap.
Anyway mid-Feb & still no news of his new album. In fact it may even have been pushed back further to mid-year release. Not good. I interpret this as he not wanting to continue with Gold Label & this is another delaying tactic. It's just heartbreaking if that's the case. Also the delay could also mean that his album is not considered by Gold Label to be K friendly enough so they are refusing to release it. Or they are pressuring him to come out with a more K friendly album & David is not bulging. I really hope there is a fast resolution to his contractual problems so he can be free to do what he wants.


Anonymous said...

what does K mean?

Godfrey said...

kid friendly?

Anonymous said...

"a more K friendly album"
K for Karaoke, i guess

Zhao said...

So sorry for the late reply, yeah K for karaoke :D