Super DT

Some news of sort abt DT. He sent this huge flower bouquet to the Superband who had their concert in Taipei on 3/7. The Superband is comprised of Lo Dayu, Jonathan Lee, Emil Chau and Chang Chen Yue. He said that he was so inspired by them that he felt like forming his own group *__*


Anonymous said...

Hi Zhao!

How are you? Nice bouquet :)

My friend, Gwenny, told me about a new advertisement. DT is in it! He looks awesome! Have you seen it already?

>> http://www.myicetea.com.cn/

Miss him so much. Hope he is missing his fans, too! ^_^v


Zhao said...

Tnanks vry much Noshka!

Anonymous said...

Anybody who's seen his Valentine's performance of "More Than Words" with Lee Hom, or the Sichuan Earthquake charity show rendition of "Shou Qian Shou", or the theme song for the 2000 HK Solar Project "Qing Ni Tai Tou", should know there's already a potential for a Supergroup that David can be involved in. Him and Lee Hom. Sheer class.