Promoting DT

Very nice promo pix of David & singer Xuan Zi (弦子) who also been signed up to endorse Ice Tea. Below pix of them shooting the Icetea cm courtesy & much thanks to DTFC.
Thanks to anon for msg below abt release of yet another version of DT concert in China. Sure I will get it if I see it but just feeling bitter abt Gold Typhoon trying to squeeze more money out of David. Why release concert dvd when they should be releasing his new album? I know they won't release it this month cos Jolin is dropping hers called Jolin Butterfly. Gold Typhoon also released Jolin's greatest hits earlier this mth to compete with Warner *sigh*
They are also signing up Zhou Bichang, one of the many singers in China who seem to be having problems with their recording companies. There was a writeup which said that Zhou should have more chances of success if she followed the eg of David. Meaning since she doesn't have the looks, she should rely on her singing. It's hard to see how she can follow DT considering that she is not a respected songwriter and she doesn't have many hit songs. This seems to be a major problem with all the three Supergirl singers. The most popular, Li Yichun, is constantly changing her image and coming out with forgettable singles which topped the charts for a while. Jane Zhang is arguable the most sucessful of the three but she too seems to having problems with her recording company with rumors flying around that she was abt to skip over to Sony BMG. The strange thing abt Jane is that even though she does have a great voice and range, she can't seem to put any zest in her songs.


Justin said...

Hmm... I'm eagerly waiting for updates! :(

Zhao said...

Oh sorry Justin but just updated.