DT & Dora

Back at last but I couldn't type for a while so sry for the lack of updates. Here's a pix of David and a girl called Dora. David participated in a charity event organised by Blackie & his girlfriend, Fanfan, & met Dora at the hospital. He was impressed by her will to live & love for music so he stayed & talked to her for 2 hrs so said Blackie but I think he probably exaggerated. Anyway David borrowed a guitar to sing to the patients and decided to visit again. He seemed to have formed a bond with Dora & decided to teach her how to play the guitar. He said Dora is only his second disciple after Tension.
Just watched 123 concert on Channel V sponsored by Daphne and it was so good. There were lots of rehearsal scenes & David looked impossibly more handsome than in his concert. I think the behind the scene director/producer role suits him more than David the performer. But of course his voice & singing were just impeccable. Once again he was so gracious in making sure his band members take the stage as much as possible. I think it was the Shanghai concert 2 years ago cos most of the scene had the rain falling nonstop and audience carrying umbrellas.
Latest rumor is his album will be out 5/20, not sure how true but hope so. Just heard that Gold Label will not be renewing Leo Ku's contract cos he had been talking to other record labels in HK *sigh* Maybe David can do the same, be seen talking to Warner or Sony BMG so Typhoon will drop him like a hot stone. Anyway I will post another update post regarding DT's recent activities. Sorry again for the delay.


Anonymous said...


Hope you and your hands are doing OK now : )

Thanks a lot for DT news. Dora is so cute. Hope she get well soon!

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Anonymous said...

hi zhao what's wrong with the hands? hope ur feeling better :)

thanks for the update on DT's upcoming album, i'm full with anticipation! lol


Zhao said...

Hey thanks Noshka & Tangerina, I am better now.