Love life or oneself?

Just want to rant a bit about the Love Life thingy that David was involved in. What actually it is for? Saw the cm & there wasn't any call for donation or any kind of involvement from the public. It seems to be like a feelgood exercise whereby artistes can promote their good side to the public. Why not just donate the money they used for the shooting of the promo to the cancer foundation in Taiwan?
Look, I am not against artistes doing their bit for charity & also promoting themselves in the process when its a win/win situation. But personally I do disapprove of the mentality that somehow when a singer or actor is doing charity, their talents seem to grow as well. They become better singer, actor, dancer, etc. If you are a mediocre singer, sorry but you stay one no matter how much you donate to charity. Jacky Cheung has been doing charity work most of his life but he seldom use it to promote himself. Surely doing charity is a personal choice & should not be associated with the artiste's body of work & his contribution to music or film.
Normally I am indifferent to Cecilia Cheung nor do I think she did anything wrong but I must admit I felt distasteful when she was in the entertainment news for THREE days in a row when she was on a supposedly LOW KEY visit to Taiwan. She was seen ostensibly supporting Love Life with her son, Dora (yes that Dora below with David) & Dora's mother. I almost threw up when Blackie praised her nonstop for coming to Taiwan to lend her support to Love Life. I felt so sorry for Dora who put on a brave face even though one could see her discomfort at the media attention. Even her mother had to put up with a Cecilia acting her heart out as she hugged her & told her with very little sincerity to be brave. Not only did Cecilia used her son but a cancer patient & her mother to get into the news for 3 days. Am I the only one who felt disgusted?


Anonymous said...

“Am I the only one who felt disgusted?”

You sure are not the only one!!


Zhao said...

Hi tiggeress, thanks :)