DT forward to 2012

DT rehearsing for the Hunan TV New Year show in Quangzhou & looking scrumptious! This show is probably one of the biggest in China tonite as it features lots of big names like Faye Wong & Jolin Tsai both of whom rumored to receive big bucks for their appearances. I don't know but I think if all they can write abt your participation is your fee ... oh Faye is supposed to sing another new song yet again with a Buddhist theme. Anyway back to DT who is rumored to be singing 7 songs including Black Tangerine with new arrangements. Here's a lovely rehearsal vid where he surreptiously peeped at his latest version of iPhone most probably to check on the lyrics altho of cos he still managed to forget most of them *roll eyes* More delicious pixs here. So as 2011 comes to a close, it's reassuring at least in my blog that some things remain the same: DT wearing cap, specs, muscle tee, IWC watch, using iPhone, forgetting lyrics ... in all my life, I never have such a constant as David Tao doing what he does best in the most adorable ways. But DT is going places as well. He launched The Mushroom album on 12/26 & going digital with it by using Tencent QQ, the largest & most popular online music platform in China. That would explain why he's now using Tencent Weibo instead of Sina. I do quite like the way he is managing his talents with vry little fanfare just letting their music do the talking. He has done well with PB33 whose songs had appeared in a popular online game as well as teenage fantasy movie. Yes, 2011 had been quite a satisfactory year for DT's music journey - new song, new duet, fabulous live performances, first-time music judge, indie producer role. I have a feeling next year is going to be even more DT spectacular. Happy 2012!


Anonymous said...

I am a fan of David Tao.
I live in Seoul, Korea.
I don't speak English.
And I don't speak Chinese.
(But I can read and understand English sentences roughly. sorry for my bad English writing...)

Before I found your blog site,
It was not easy for me to get some news about David.
The contents in this site, the pics, vids and comments, are very substantial.
(Are you a journalist?)
They make me became more interested in David.
If David see your blog, I think he will be very impressed.

I will just get to the point.
"I really appreciate you
Thank you for your blog posting & Happy New Year!"

Zhao said...

Hi anon, thanks very much for your comments. Sry took so long to reply but I will try to update more often.