Featuring DT

(Photo & vid credit courtesy of 陶吧)
相信有一天 mv already out & online & YEAH we get to see DT & Atsushi singing together. It's interesting that EXILE is always attached to Atsushi probably to reassure fans that he is not going solo. The mv is not really the full song more fan service with footage of DT & Atsushi meeting, greeting, shaking hands, singing & embracing. Also DT was shown playing keyboard so I think he was also responsible for the music. In fact he seemed to be very much in control of the recording, arranging & producing. Also from his easy manner of greeting Atsushi, the recording & production may even be in his own studio. Anyway I enjoy the mv as much as I enjoy the song. It's been a long time since I seen so much of David! By the by, vid below was put up obviously by DT fan so it has 陶喆 featuring Atsushi for the title rather than the other way around. It's a bit disrespectful but actually most DT fans are usually not so childish.

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