DT & Atsushi redux

(Photo credit: Yahoo News TW)
Ooh la la 2 cuties together. Some Taiwan news on this collaboration as i-radio would be broadcasting the song as new song introduction from Dec 5-7 & the mv on MTV from Dec 8-10 ... wait a minute there's a mv?!? Do we get to see DT & Atsushi singing together? I can't wait, hope it will be online soon. I really love their co-operation, in fact it's my fave DT duet so far. Their voices really blend together so well & it's just fabulous to hear DT going back to his r&b roots. David even said that he hopes to collaborate with Atsushi again in his own album. It seemed they really worked hard on recording & production of this song with producer Mark Lui. They tried different methods of singing & both of them expressed their passion for music. Also arigato to Mika for clearing up abt Rising Sun error below:
Hi just FYI, "Itsuka Kitto (いつかきっと・・・)" is already released on 14/Sep/11 as a single CD coupling with "Rising Sun". "Itsuka Kitto" is the theme song of TV drama "Hi Wa Mata Noboru (陽はまた昇る)" and "Rising Sun" is the charity song for Japan earthquake. No song called "Hi Wa Mata Noboru" of EXILE/ATSUSHI. 12/06/2011 2:10 PM
Atsushi too had said in the news that Itsuka Kitto was released along with Rising Sun for the Japan earthquake charity. He was vry pleased to release this Chinese/Japanese version with David. It seemed that some EXILE/Atsushi fans are landing here from searches so I will do my bit to introduce David Tao to these newcomers. I myself enjoy EXILE music like their big hit Choo Choo Train & personally think that Atsushi is a very passionate r&b singer. It's not the first time that David sang in Japanese actually. In his 3rd studio album Black Tangerine released in 2002 he had a song called My Anata where he sang a few words of Japanese:

Then in his 6th studio album 69 David Tao released in 2009 he wrote a song called Zero to Hero which had some reference to the Japanese anime Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman & the song too had some Japanese words:

From these 2 songs, you will see that David is not just r&b singer. In fact even though he has been straddled with the honorific 'Godfather of Chinese r&b', there is a wide range of musical genre in his 6 studio albums. Even when singing live, DT tends to be more natural than r&b. He is a very honest, sincere singer/songwriter who doesn't always uses his talents to earn a lot of money or gain a lot of fame. He will rather infuse his listeners with his love & passion for music or influence them to think abt social issues. He is a very rare breed in the Chinese music/entertainment world.


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