DT branching out

DT came back to Taipei last weekend to attend Luo Dayu's concert & during the encore was invited to sing his fav Luo's song 之乎者也 with his idol. Here's the complete version at youtube -- vry enjoyable. It was just so wonderful to see both of them on stage together. I love how supportive DT was from presenting gifts personally at Luo's press conference to attending the concert & finally singing with him. He is certainly not the sort to claim someone as his idol & then could not even bother to attend his concert. Not only that, it's rare that he sing someone else song as a guest. Normally he would sing his own songs but for Luo Dayu, he even memorised the lyrics backstage but of cos he did forget some lines :P

Come to think of it, it's also rare that he sang in a song released that is not his own like 相信有一天. The above version recorded I think in Taiwan is clearer than the HK one with less voiceover. As usual with juvenile fans, they each claimed their idol's voice is superior. How can you compare? It's like comparing apples & oranges, like DT said. I prefer oranges but I still eat apples cos both are good for me. However as a DT fan, I just love the sharp clarity of his voice even when singing falsetto. He is one of the few r&b singers in Asia who can sing falsetto without sounding 'girly'. His voice is always his own even when singing Luo Dayu's songs. By the by, Rising Sun was a completely different song released by EXILE and not the theme song for 'Hi Wa Mata Noboru'. However there was a song called 'Hi Wa Mata Noboru' released to help raise funds for the Japan earthquake to add to the confusion. Atsushi did not release 'Itsuka Kitto' officially but there is a solo Japanese version available on youtube if anyone is interested. I really like to hear a solo DT version.


mika said...

Hi just FYI, "Itsuka Kitto(いつかきっと・・・)" is already released on 14/Sep/11 as a single CD coupling with "Rising Sun". "Itsuka Kitto" is the theme song of TV drama "Hi Wa Mata Noboru(陽はまた昇る)" and "Rising Sun" is the charity song for Japan earthquake. No song called "Hi Wa Mata Noboru" of EXILE/ATSUSHI ^^ http://goo.gl/nAkl0

Zhao said...

Thanks vry much for clearing the confusion, Mika.

mika said...

You're welcome ^^