DT & Rody

David showing off his version of Rody in [Enjoy RODY! Enjoy LOVE!] promotion. His version is DTxRody - Zero to Hero because he believes that in everyone of us there is a hero bursting to get out. While we are engaged in everyday mundane affairs, once the opportunity arises like Superman we will up up and away with a slung guitar to become a Rock ‘N’ Roll Super Hero using music to rock & change the world. Whatever you say David *_* I don't even know what a Rody is, however his creation is very cute & desirable esp with a guitar. Even better news is that DT has posted that he is in the studio working on his new album scheduled to drop May 2012! He is working with his longtime pal Craig Burbridge. Below pix vry moody --- me like alot hehe


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!!!!!!!! That made my day and week to know there's a new album from DT to listen to in May!!! Thanks for the news!

Zhao said...

Thank you anon, anticipating the album greatly too :)