DT & Cher Lloyd - All for Joy

Last night DT participated in a large-scale concert in Quangzhou which was a BMW sponsored event for the upcoming London 2012 Olympics. He also wrote a new song called All for Joy which was the theme song for this event. He sang with English singer Cher Lloyd whom maybe familiar if a fan of X Factor. I only heard a bit of the song while trying to watch the event streaming live. By all accounts, it was not bad and featured some quick rapping by DT. The song of cos has bilingual lyrics with DT singing both chinese & english. Can't wait for the vid to be posted. He posted below pix in his Weipo standing in front of a vintage BMW. Maybe he deliberately chose this event cos of the vintage cars *_* So glad to see him all serious & working again on his music. I don't have any expectations of his album but just to hear his wonderful voice again will be enough. It seemed that he may sign up with one of the big music companies eg Typhoon Gold Label for the launch & release of his album. (Pixs courtesy & thanks to Baidu 陶喆)


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Zhao said...

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