DT & Maotai

DT interacting with fans during his performance in Quizhou for the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Maotai, China's famous alcoholic beverage. He looked nice in the floral jacket. He also posted a pix posing next to the giant Maotai bottles in his Weibo. He sang Marry Me Today with this female singer whom I don't recognise, could be a local singer. Haven't been feeling extremely well lately so unable to post much. Missed a lot on DT but rest assured he is having a great time travelling around China performing as well as promoting Kiehl: So cute. He was grounded when travelling to Beijing & had to cancel due to the heavy fog. He also performed in Beijing National Stadium, the famous birdnest which hosted the 2008 Olympics. Here's a lovely pix: The dancer later posted in his Weibo thanking him for his cooperation. Found out that his company is called Great Entertainment in english. Apparently the logo was designed by our vry own DT: I think it's a combination of the handsign for 'rock music' & a chicken which is his chinese horoscope. Note also the filmstrip - look out DT's movie coming hehehehhehehehe Here's the website where can listen to his new song My Everything as well as songs by PB33 & Mushroom, the two indie bands he signed up so far. The lead singer for Mushroom was also one of the PK singers in Million Stars singing a song by Yuan Wei Ren aka Xiao Pang. He got 24 losing only by 1, David was of course not judging which was only fair. Go here to watch all the episodes of Million Stars. Finally My Everything on youtube, make sure to listen rite to the end where there's a surprise:

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