DT, Otamatone & Atsushi

It seemed that DT will be featured in one of the songs in the solo album of Atsushi, vocal member of Japan 14-member group EXILE. OK fear not, Atsushi is not flying solo but his solo album will be included in the release of EXILE's new album in Jan 2012. Not sure what kinda marketing strategy but hey 2-in-1 can't be all bad for EXILE fans rite? The song is written by Atsushi not DT so I'm really not that excited. It is also reported that it will be a duet with Atsushi singing Chinese & DT singing Japanese ... erm hope not. I just cannot understand why singers want to sing in a language they are not familiar with because it rarely ever works. Anyway we find out soon & it could be a nice song probably r&b as Atsushi is a very good r&b singer. Also he seems to share the same fashion sense as DT teehee! It could also explain why DT posted a cute vid of himself on his Weibo playing with a blue Otamatone, a fun musical toy from Japan. Could be a gift from Atsushi or maybe he bought it on a secret trip to Japan to record with Atsushi. All will be revealed in the secret life of DT *__*

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