DT, the indie producer

Latest pix of DT in concert for the celebration of a well-known fashion label in Humen, China. Below is the vid which I thoroughly enjoyed:

Of all his largescale concert performances, this is the one I liked most. His voice was near perfect, sometimes he could be lazy abt hitting the high notes but this time he just cruised along with minimum effort. He sang Rain, Susan Said, I Love You & Moon represent whose heart. For Susan Said & Moon, he used a backing track which was understandably as both songs had a lot of backing vocals. However he somehow managed to incorporate & not hide the backing track so that it was very clear that he was still singing live. He is really such a master at performing live that I can now understand why most chinese reporters tend to single him out for giving the audience 'ear pleasure'. I also liked that his fans held out light signs of the names of his songs while he was singing them. It was really cool & I think he appreciated that too ^__^ Read an interview with PB33, the mainland 3-member band that he signed up & the first Great Entertainment artiste to release an album called Not Acting Cool. They said that DT signed them up after listening to their live performances & demos of their self-penned songs. He felt that their rock style was vry similar to his & that they had ambition & dreams just like him. The first time they met David, they felt he was vry bright & friendly. He chatted to them abt music all the time, especially music that was similar to their style & will not hesitate to play the music for them no matter where they are. So DT, I can picture them in the toilet while he whipped out his iPod to get them to listen hehehehehehehe! They said they really learnt a lot from DT, especially the drummer who said that DT would advise & teach him different methods. As for their album, it took a year to prepare & DT was with them all the time & was their producer. Although it was DT who selected all the songs, they all had their say & voted on their choices as well. David also made sure that their original style did not change because he wanted the songs to reflect who they are. It was after all their original rocknroll style that first attracted him (PB33 had a style quite similar to the Beatles). The recording was done in Bejing & post-production in USA. Basically it was what I expected of DT the producer. That he would not try to impose his own ideas & styles on his proteges, but he did choose the kind of music that he enjoys & will like to produce which is quite daring in today's chinese music industry where success is judged by how popular & how high the ranking. Both PB33, a poprock band, & The Mushrooms, a hardrock band, are most definitely not your chinese idol group. Most of them have average looks & they don't dance but they write their own music in the style they preferred not crowdpleasing tunes. At the moment, David is probably the artiste who can make the most money in his company which could be the reason he is running around China performing in largescale concerts. Another reason is that he has actually announced that he will release a new album as well as his movie next year *GASP* So he has also been organising fan meetings where he was performing in order to touch base with his fans. Clever move. Actually I think he will be silly not to release an album now that he is his own boss & can do virtually any kind of music he wants. So plse don't have any high expectation that he will do a crowdpleasing, charttopping album although I still hope that he will do an english song pretty plse. Talking abt english songs, Wu Jiru has composed one called Why, go listen -- although rather derivative, it's vry heartfelt & I like it a lot. I do have high hopes for Jiru even though he was thrown out of Million Stars for forgetting lyrics.

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