DT the linguist

Wow that's fast but Atsushi & DT's duet 相信有一天 already online, listen @ tudou, sounded like broadcast on HK radio. Atsushi will also be singing a song sang by HK singer Miriam Yeung called 小城大事 translated into Japanese in his solo album which could explain the fast HK promo. I really like the song which is r&b as anticipated. Their voices are quite similar & they each sang a combination of Chinese & Japanese which actually works quite well *__* Atsushi wrote this song during the Japanese earthquake and at first he thought it would be depressing but after recording the song with David, he found it surprisingly pleasant. David too was satisfied with his part & both are happy with their efforts at singing each other language. There was not much written abt how this collaboration came abt & when they met or even if they did meet but the song sounded like both was recording in the studio at the same time, not separate recording & then editing into one track. I love the live sound of the song with no computer trickery & the blending of their voices with both singers surely being two of the best r&b singers in Asia. EXILE is a big name in Japan selling million of albums & winning many awards. They are not a band or a boy group, more a performance group like a smaller all-boy version of the all-girl AKB48. There are two main vocalists, Atsushi being one, with the others being backing vocals & mainly dancers. Earlier this year, they had performed in the famed Beijing National Stadium for the annual 3-nation (China, Japan & Korea) festival. DT was also one of the performers being very daring to do an acoustic version of his song just by strumming on his guitar on the huge stage. It could be Atsushi watched it, liked it & decided to ask DT if he wanna duet hehehehehehehehe In other DT news, he was spotted enjoying tea-tasting at a teahouse in Xiamen, southern China. DT really knows how to enjoy life eh?

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