DT & Kiehl's - brand new song

At last, a new DT song even though it's commercial but it is for a very good cause - children - so close to DT's heart. Kiehl's & DT's new campaign to help needy children in Taiwan:

Even though it's not a great departure from his signature style but I love the sunshiness & his honey-toned voice. The vid is vry heartwarming too. Can't wait to hear the complete version. Also love the Kiehl's tee, wish I could get one. He looks so good in these pixs, the best I seen him so far. Some more info in chinese. Other DT news is Mushrooms related haha not food but the band. On Mon 9/12 which is also the Moon Festival, The Mushrooms held a concert in Shanghai where if 1000 people came, they would get to release their debut album. More details at this website which actually expressed what I initially felt that it was gimmicky. But I think it's just DT's way of making sure that The Mushrooms is ready to release their first album & that they get to control what they want to give their audience. Also whether they could get an audience in the first place. I don't know but I do believe in David & here get to see him in indie producer mode watching his protege band. The fact that The Mushrooms was singing Black Tangerine on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 almost seemed like a passing of the baton from DT, that this is the band which potentially could influence socially the young minds of China. If anyone could do it, I guess it's DT. A lot more news of DT but it's terrible that I don't have much time to blog at the moment. Just have to be patient till I can get it all out :(

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Hooray, oh so happy to find the blog still exist - some weeks ago it's non active. Thank you !