Vry special DT

Thanks to Noshka for recommending & youtube mbr HoonAmy for uploading following vids of DT in Ningbo:

Vry enjoyable esp singing Susan Says with girl fan. Noticed he handed her the mike to sing part of the opera aria so he can rest his voice a little ^__^ Clever DT! He figured most of his Chinese fans will probably know how to sing that popular opera aria. Actually Noshka he had 2 fan meetings in the Zhejiang province: Ningbo on 11/29 & Zhoushan on 11/30 inviting girl fan onstage for both meetings while singing Susan Says. I think its great of him to make the effort to travel to meet his fans all over China. Usually singers hold fan meetings only when they have a new album to promote or endorsing a product. I also like that he was all dressed up for both meetings even though there were probably only a few hundred fans attending. But to him the meetings were more important than promo visits for his sponsors where he is normally more casually dressed. Its a way to let his fans know he respects them & how important they are to him. That's the kind of guy he is. Here's a DT pix I really like thanks to DTFC fan in Ningbo ^__^


Anonymous said...


I enjoyed watching the newly post videos very much. Thanks Zhaodi and uploader!

So glad to see that DT had such a great time with fans.


Zhao said...

No problem Noshka, thanks for yr frequent comments. There are more vids at youtube, will post them soon.