CNEX talk today!

Poster of Jiangsu NY concert in Nanjing I think but it kinda confusing all the concerts going on end of the year. David will be doing CNEX talk today, wish him good luck. Not sure what he will be talking abt but guess it will be film-related. I am looking forward to his rock-oriented concept album next year. For those asking, there is presently no date released on the dropping of his album nor any preorder activities.
There are however vry bizzare rumors that he has been 'banned' in China due to the lyrics of Different, a song in his sophomore album I'm OK released in 1999. Now this song has already been banned in China so how can he still be banned for a song never released? DTFC, bless them, has been on the case very quicky & apparently it started from an online dicussion forum which is usually the case with many of David's rumors. It is extremely insidious how quickly it became a news item on various chinese newsites. Dig a little deeper & one could perhaps find that the rumor orignated from Taiwan as with many of his ugly rumors. Guess it has nothing at all to do with a certain tabloid magnate who is probably still fuming that David dared to sue his company. Also a bit coincidental that it started on the eve of his first public appearance in Taipei for quite a while. Guess anything will do just to rain on his parade.
Anyway guess nothing much he or his fans can do abt it. This kinda of DT harassment is likely to continue for some time, some ppl like to get their kicks by smearing other ppl's reputation. However I always believe in just desserts. In the meantime I will be here to support DT & let the world know the injustices he faces cos he is brave enough to stand up for his rights.

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