DT & awards

As usual, the Golden Horse Awards reminded me of DT. Will we ever get to see him attend this award show I wonder? Unsurprising, at least to me, it was victory for Peter Chan & The Warlords over Cape No 7. The thing is unlike Chinese music, Chinese movies received a lot of international attention & dun think the GHA judges wanna risked international ridicule by awarding top honors to a parochial movie that owned its popularity more to its Taiwanese content than acting, direction or storytelling. Unsurprising too, at least to me, The International Federation of Film Critics gave its gong to another Taiwanese movie, Parking directed by Chung Mong-hong & staring Chang Cheh. Parking, described as film noir in the mood of WKW, has been invited to Cannes & the rights bought by a Canadian distributor I think. So a good start for a debuting director Chung Mong-hong. Talking abt awards, a rush of albums out this mth so as to be in time for GMA I guess. Could also be the reason for delay of DT's album to next yr if as suspected, he is not gonna stay with Typhoon which meant the company will not bother to put the album or his name up for any GMA awards. Not that I care anymore. I think he will probably be like Graham Greene, the renowned author most unlikely to win the Nobel prize for literature cos judges thought he was too popular. Ppl still frothed at the mouth at the thought of Marry me today winning best song ^__^

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