9 days to CNEX talkshow

Just find it heartbreaking that what started as an update on his new album turned into a moving eulogy for his pet dog, Lucky. This man sure wears his heart on his sleeve. I also find it touching that he left the decision to his parents since they were the ones who took in Lucky first. Or it could be he just could not bear to let Lucky go as in his last line - unselfishly and graciously let it go when the time comes - he revealed how hard it was to make the final decision.
Sorry haven't been blogging lately as having updated my browser, my computer was promptly taken over by aliens ^__^ It was not easy to fix as half my registry was corrupted. Anyway decided to start a countdown to DT's film-related debut on 12/28. I think it should be fun as I can imagine him chatting away in that particularly adorable scholarly way he has. Tickets apparently have been selling well. He also has a New Year Eve concert in Nanjing. More details in the next post.
(Btw let's not speculate wildly just cos he mentioned the name Joanna. It's probably not that Joanna but his parents' good friend.)


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you, Zhaodi!! Many thanks to you for this english-language blog about DT. as my mandarin is terrible, i can only read fluently in english. thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Zhaodi, what about the 24 Dec Concert Shanghai ?? Still on eh ?


Anonymous said...

sorry, I can't seem to find it after reading through all the posts...

When will his new album be released?


Zhao said...

Thanks for all yr comments. No date for album released as yet. he did not perform in Shanghai on 12/24 - beachgurl.