David will be doing a talk discussion in the CNEX Documentary Film Festival 2008 - Dreams and Hopes - on 12/28. His theme is called 藍色烏龜之夢 loosely translated as 'blue dream of the black tortoise'. I have no idea what's abt but it sounds interesting. CNEX is a non-profit organization founded by a group of professionals from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, who are passionate about Chinese culture. It is devoted to the production and promotion of documentaries related to the Chinese people.
So if you have the time & money, its a great way to spend a Sunday evening with our one & only DT ^__^ There are more details in english on the website on how & where to attend. He is full of surprises, isn't he? Still I like that he is spending time & co-operating with people who are passionate abt what they are doing. I think he is getting on the right train on his journey into films. I really wish him all the best & that he will find what he hopes to achieve this time.


Anonymous said...

Zhaodi!!! I need to share this joy with you since I felt that I have journeyed with you along this precious DT blog...do you remember I often lament that I have all of DT's albums except Ultrasound 11号产房and I have begged frens who went to Taiwan to search for it but to no avail...I just came back from Taipei and on my last day, I went to this CD shop in Simending and was just browsing when I saw THE DVD staring at me on the top shelf of the discount rack...I almost cried...sigh...I have given up searching for it and what a nice end to my first trip to Taiwan...have a good day! Just wanted to share this joy with you :)

Zhao said...

Hi JB, I am so glad you managed to find Ultrasound dvd, hope you enjoy watching it!

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